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Wobenzym N Side Effects – Is it dangerous?

In the 1960s, Germany designed an enzyme preparation called WOBENZYM, a naturally made enzyme as an anti-inflammatory preparation.  But studies show that it does not only treat body inflammations but it carries with it, positive WOBENZYM N side effects.

Enzymes are important in our body. These are the energy groundwork in all living things. They are the reason for the seeds to sprout, ripened fruits, and the very existence of us human beings. It is also the compelling factor in certain functions within our body like our bone and tissue reproduction, detoxification, digestion, and immunization.  When people age, these enzymes are easily used up more than what body can manufacture. The body can be left vulnerable to a large range of health problems.  This is where WOBENZYM N side effects come in.

Clinical research shows that WOBENZYM N side effects are all beneficial; it does not have any adverse effect even if taken in large doses.  It not only works as an anti-inflammatory, but it also works in supplementing the body’s need for enzymes. It reduce the incidence of blood clots, it has antioxidant effects in our body, it reduces the incidence of heart attacks because of its cholesterol lowering abilities, it treats the autoimmune and rheumatic illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis, and joint and muscle pains.

WOBENZYM N works like a body’s vacuum cleaner.  It flushes out the blood from harmful proteins that causes serious health problems, thus resolving the fast molecular activity in aging.

Common dosage recommendation is usually 3 to 5 tablets twice daily.  It should be taken at least 30 minutes before meals or an hour after meals.  But professionals suggest the best time to take this enzyme medication would be in the morning after waking and before bedtime.

As more and more uses are discovered, the lists of health problems that are benefiting from the WOBENZYM N side effects are long in its toll. You may no longer wonder how a single product such as this can do so many treatments in our body.

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  1. Marge says

    I took 3 tablets at bedtime and woke up two hours later with rapid heart beat and an upset stomach. I waited a couple of days and took it again. My stomach became so upset, I thought i was going to either puke or have severe diareah. I have cut the tablets back to 1/2 pill each day. It still upsets my stomach, but not as severely. It has relieved the pain from a bicep tendon that snapped out of the groove. Waiting for surgery!

  2. Ginger says

    With enzymes you have to start off with a low dose (1 tablet) and build your way up SLOWLY, otherwise you will get a severe response like you had. Cut back to just one tablet a day and increase the dose by one tablet each week until you get to the dose that works best for you; Don’t rush it, or you will get sick!

    • Skitch says

      I’m taking the Wobenzym PS. I wonder why we aren’t told to build up slowly in the dosing instructions. Also, I read online that you should take a large glass of water with the tablets.

  3. John Bigboote says

    There is always an excuse when these things cause problems or don’t work – usually that the patient is doing something wrong. Never mind that the instructions don’t suggest increasing your dosage over time. A doctor recently suggested this product to me, so I have been doing my research before taking it. My conclusion? This is the second really bad idea from this doctor – I am going to have to find a physician who is not crazy and not incompetent. Wobenzym appears to be a huge rip-off, and potentially unsafe. Run away.

  4. Kenny P says

    Everyone is different, especially when you combo this supplement with other supplements or meds. I have been taking this enzyme for over a year now; and in combination with a healthy diet and lots of exercise, I have had NO issues. My lower back, knee, and hip pain is just about completely gone. I have gone from 40% healthy (pain) to 95%.

    This is an all natural supplement. You must take it 45 minutes before eating and on an empty stomach. This makes a major difference.

  5. Stelucia says

    When I had a flare-up of RA three years ago I took 10 tablets of Wobenzym a day without any problem or side effect. It was effective in reducing inflammation and pain.
    Cutting the tablets in half is a BAD idea, they are specially coated to resist stomach acid and cutting make them ineffective.
    Wobenzym is wonderful after surgery too. I had a septoplasty last year and started to take Wobenzym a day after the op. The post surgery inflammation disappeared in two days, I had no pain whatsover and after a week nobody could believe that I had surgery the previous week.

  6. KC says

    I have had chronic back and hip pain, pretty much on a daily basis, for 6 years.
    I was tired of taking NSAIDs and, when severe, muscle relaxants, to “manage” my pain. A couple weeks ago, I began taking Wobenzym N, and have had wonderful results. I took one dose (3 tablets) for the first 5 days, then increased to two doses daily. I have had no side effects, but I do take it before meals with a probiotic. For the first time in months, I have had stretches of no pain for 4-5 days. In the last two weeks, I have had 2 days of back pain, so for that day only, I took an additional dose (which worked well). Wobenzym has allowed me to be more physically active, which has aided in increased muscle strength and flexibility. It feels so wonderful to be back hiking, again! I would recommend this supplement!

  7. wayne says

    I stretched a ligament in my kneee and had difficulty walking without a limp. After 9 weeks of having pain and weeks of taking naisds I found wobenzym on the Internet. I was skeptical but decided to try it and found relief within the first two hours! It is now day 3 and my pain level has gone from a 7 to a 3 and the limp is all but gone. Three days far exceeded my expectations, I thought it would take 3 weeks! If you have a chronic knee problem (mine was an old sports injury) you will want to consider this product. I since learned there are other natural remedies such as broswellia and tumeric that when combined with wobenzym make for powerful anti inflamatory affects. Apparently the inflamation in my knee was creating the pain and it has been reduced significantly in just 3 days using wobenzym. This is NOT a paid endorsement nor an exaggeration.

  8. Lois Belter says

    I took Wobenzym N on a Thursday evening 6 p.m. (on an empty stomach) ate a light snake 1/2 hour later. By 7 p.m. I started having stomach cramps & abdominal pain then came the diareah, explosive, then came the vomiting. I sat on the toilet with a bucket between my legs for 5 hours until the paramedics came and took me to emergency. The paramedics gave me gravel and intervenous. After being admitted I lost consciousness once. The diareah continued as well as the vomiting. The pain was extreme. I blame the Company for not listing ALL side effects that are possible. I also blame the Health Food Store clerk for not paying closer attention to the perscription drugs I told her I was on and also perhaps my age could have a bearing (75 yr’s), At any rate I agree with John Bigboote, “STAY AWAY”. Speak to a known pharmysist or a trusted G.P. I thought I was going to die. I would never reommend this product to anyone.

    • Lois Belter says

      Lois Belter again. As per my first comment I took only 1 (one) pill. God only knows what shape I would be in today if I had taken all 3 (three) in the first dose.

    • Max Power says

      It’s 2012, numbnuts — hop on the Internet and research these things before you put them in your body. Don’t rely on an inch worth of packaging or some hippy dippy health foods clerk.

  9. Helena & Leo says

    I do not have direct experience with Wobenzym N but my holistic vet recommended this to my beloved dog Leo. Leo is 120 lbs and suffers from severe hip dysplasia. Leo is only 3 years old (and was lame for the summer of 2010). Bear in mind Leo also has Eyosynophyilic Irritable Bowel Disease (just like humans). I was instructed to give him this holistic product. My only other option was surgery (with no Guarantee of 100% recovery). My vet instructed me that this product should only be taken on an empty stomach as it is absorbed in the lower intestine. I have been giving Leo 4 tablets a day and I am just overwhelmed with the results I see after two months of taking the medication – my puppy is back! Looking at these posts – I have to say that it is extremely important for people and pets to take this drug on an EMPTY stomach (and make sure you check with your vet/family doctor before you can take this drug). Just my experience…..,my vets word is as good as gold to me.

  10. Tammy Brown says

    With tears of joy in my eyes I am thankful for your site. I have spinal stenosis & have seen a a Rheumatology specialist since 2006. Slipped on a wet floor in 2009 (did not fall on floor, but went into an awful leg split) jammed my right knee & shoulder against a protruding wall before I could stop my skid. Caused rotator cuff tear that healed in the torn state (inoperable); had to have Disc (cervical) surgery. Pain has been constant thoughout my body; from my legs & lower back (with every step that I took) to moderate/extremely severe pain in my neck, right shoulder and arm. Started WobenzymN with 3 tablets (taking Probiotic an hour earlier); increased to 4 twice a day. Felt wonderful relief after about 5-6 days; now taking 4 tablets once per day. Occassionally another dose in late evening. I never thought I would even feel 50% better. I have not finished the 1st bottle of 100′s yet! Once, I mistakenly ate, less than an hour after a dose; that won’t happen again! I am so thankful I had the guts to at least try WobenzymN. I was afraid, but I valued what the nutritionist shared with me at Whole Foods Market in Memphis, TN that day. They gave me all the facts and precautions; but the pain and horrible side affects (possible liver damage) from other prescriptions would not let my fears override my desire for relief. It may not be for everyone; but thank God, it is for me! I have even lost 11 lbs! I have sent a copy of the WobenzymN box & my last lab results to the specialist. I think the probiotic an hour before my dose, plus nothing but water for an hour after doasage; then a meal, is the key for me.

  11. diamond says

    I was in severe chronic pain. I forgot I purchased this item over 7 months ago . .. this
    morning I took three pills and my pain dissipating. I believe this product is going to
    be a great asset to my health.

  12. Janet Spear says

    I have been taking VitalzymX for years, I take 3 a day and am 68yrs old female. Someone told me to switch to Wobenzym N , Anyone know the difference?

  13. June says

    I took wobenzyme last year for RA pain (3 pills 2x’s/day) and was thrilled with the reduction in pain – easily getting up and down from seated position, etc. Also my CRP rate came down about 75% within 6 mos. to almost normal. My rheumatologist was pleasantly shocked.
    I stopped the wobenzyme, reading somewhere that you should give your body a 1 mo.break every 6 mos. – true? – and did not start again. Well pain is back, not as bad however, and I started back with the wobenzyme a couple days ago. Right away subtly I feel a difference and will look to the next couple weeks to really show relief if my pattern is the still the same.

    To anyone out there with RA pain, what in the world do you have to lose by trying it out for a few weeks?

  14. Jeanette Blonski says

    We have had fantastic experience with Wobenzym N. I’m 62 yrs. old and take it occasionally when I throw my hip out and have a lot of pain. I will take 3 on empty stomach in the a.m. and p.m. with lots of water and by the next day the pain is barely there. By the second day it’s gone. 2 different Naturopathic doctors have recommended it for inflammation reduction to my husband who’s had a heart attack and also my Brother-in-law is currently taking Wobenzym P (Professional) to help with inflammation reduction with his kidney cancer treatment. From the extensive internet research I’ve done it’s marvelous to treat arthritic pain, stroke prevention and many other ailments/diseases. Most diseases are caused by inflammation and since Wobenzym reduces inflammation it will be beneficical to help treat or prevent many diseases. It has also saved our 17 year old Chihuahua dog’s life. Here’s our dog Jose’s story. Our holistic vet recommended it for Jose after his back surgery in 2002. The best advice she could have ever given us. His recovery was miraculous and we continue to give it to him if he looks like he’s having arthritic pain. Within an hour of giving it to him on an empty stomach he is running around after his companion Chihuahua. Jose who has been on Wobenzym since 2002 off and on is now 17 years old. In October he had pancreatitis and an incident of bloat. We found out that commercial food that a conventional vet recommened (we go to two vets) was causing the bloat. He only gets organic home cooked food now. But we started the Wobenzym N again. 1 in the a.m. and 1 before bed and our regular vet could not believe his recovery. It’s like a miracle supplement. Now that he’s better I only give him 1 Wobenzym a day either morning or evening whichever I can remember and he’s perfect. No side affects or stomach problems ever!! Now I won’t stop giving it to him. He will get 1 tablet away from food every day for the rest of his life.
    I think it would also help prevent strokes. I wish I had thought of suggesting it to my Dad who died of a second stroke. I believe it might have prevented his second stroke which happened 4 years after his first. I’ve read a lot about Wobenzym N. It’s safe because it’s a supplement. Conventional Doctors have never heard of it and I’m sorry that is the case. Wobenzym would be better used in treating a lot of problems that drugs are used for. It would be so much safer than drugs on the body. All drugs do is have many side affects that might not appear right away but in years to come. Wobenzym has been on the market for 60 years and there have been many trials on it and it is very safe. As one other writer said it is worth a try if you have pain, heart disease or cancer or any other disease that has inflammation involved. This is not a paid commercial, we are just private citizens that feel very passionate about good health and staying healthy and this product has given us amazing results. We also eat a more alkaline diet vs. acidic. If you look that up on the internet it’s very important. A primarily acidic diet causes inflammation in the body in the first place. Someone I know who is in his 70′s and has taught yoga for 45 years has said the most important thing for the body is a primarily alkaline vs. acidic diet. Look it up….you’ll be healthier and suffer less pain for it. Wisihng you all pain free good health!!

  15. Anthony says

    I don’t know if it’s dangerous, but it seems to make me feel strangely over-stimulated. Almost like anxiety or panic, with hard pulse. I also get an odd ‘burnt’ feeling through my respiratory tract. Hard to explain, but I’ve experienced this in the past if ever I overdo the B vitamins. The benefits sound great, so I might try again at a low dose and see if I can build up. I didn’t strictly observe the ‘empty stomach’ rule, but I’d imagine that food would simply reduce the benefits and side-effects… ?

  16. Darlene C says

    I took the Wobenzym N as I’ve suffered severe shoulder and back pain over the last few years. As many of you, I followed the directions and took the 3 tablets suggested prior to bedtime on an empty stomach. Oh how I wished I’d noticed this site. I searched for every possible site trying to make sure the drug is safe. True for about 20 minutes, I felt such a relief and was somewhat excited thinking I am finally pain free. I awoke my usual time to at 5:00 am getting dress for work and all of a sudden I felt awful. I began to feel nausea, had cramps similar to labor pains and not to mention the dizziness which accompanied the other symptoms. True the drug tend to work as it did my very first dose on last evening but such a large dose that is suggested, definitely has it’s side affects. As some of you have stated, I to will discontinue the use for at least one day and retry again taking a smaller dose. I’ve tried other pain meds and some I was afraid of becoming addicted as they were very strong narcotics and many night I just lie in bed soaking my pillow in tears because my shoulders felt as if someone had taken a saw and separated the joints. This product tend to work as far as the relaxation and comfort but it is a known fact that you will experience abdominal cramps and nausea when taken in a large dose.

  17. Doc says

    I have read so many reviews on this product both good and bad. It would appear that for those who can take it, many people receive positive benefits from it. I would guess from reading some of the more negative reviews that some people are sensitive or possibly allergic to the product or at least some of the ingredients in it. I gave Wobenzym N to one of my dogs who had been ill for sev months and it helped tremendously. When we ran out and he wasn’t getting the Wobenzym, there was a big difference in his overall health. I have also started taking this recently myself, as I have very high levels of inflammation due to an autoimmune problem. I have been taking 3 pills a day on an empty stomach before bedtime, and I have not had any gastric or other problems thus far, so I guess I am one of the lucky ones who can take it.

    There is one thing I would like to bring up. The first Wobenzym that I used on my dog was the old red pill formula from a few years back. The pills I am currently taking are the tan pills that were supposedly designed for the U.S. market due to clients who had concerns with the red dye used in the original formula. The red pill formula also contained Kaolin, which to my understanding helped cut down on any potential gastric problems. I never noticed any gastric problems in my dog when he was taking it. I am not concerned about the red dye and would really prefer the red pill formula myself, if I could find it. It seems to be very difficult, if not impossible to buy these days. I am not even sure if they are still making it, but to those who tried it with gastric problems, that were not of a severe nature, perhaps they might consider the red pill formula instead. There seems to have been a lot less complaints of stomach issues with it.

  18. Carolyn says

    My husband just started the WobenzymN regimen of three tablets twice daily. He did stop for a couple of days as he noticed gastrointestinal bleeding but as he takes other medications, we weren’t sure if the WobenzymN was causing this. He has since gone back on it as the effects of WobenzymN were quite apparent on the inflammation of his back … three herniated disks… and we are looking at other meds that he takes as the possible cause of the bleeing. Does anyone have any information that this product may cause this bleeding?

  19. marie says

    has any one lost weight on the product I have been using it for about 2 months for bain pain and inflamation in my ankle I have lost about 6 lbs in that time and am wondering if any one else have experienced this

  20. Natalie says

    My doc recommended taking the WobenzymN to support immune system, health and as a source of natural digestive enzymes. I take 14 tabs/day for 2 years. Does anyone know if it’s OK to take it for so long without a break? I’ve been searching the internet looking for the answer, but found nothing so far. I would appriciate if someone can tell me.

  21. Jeanette Blonski says

    You can do many Google searches to find information on Wobenzym. Here is one web address I found. It talks mostly about cancer but it does reference other conditions. As you will see below….I pulled one comment out of this article “Everyday Dr. Wrba takes 15 to 20 Wobenzym®N tablets to help reduce his risk for cancer and to take advantage of their overall healthful properties”
    Also, Wobenzym is very helpful taken before and after surgery of any kind.
    My persception is that Wobenzym is to be taken everyday probably for life. As I mentioned earlier we give it to our 17 year old Chihuahua every day, one tablet for sure each day and we will give it to him for life. And sometimes I also give him a second wobenzym with one of his meals so it’s a digestive enzym then. Keep searching for answers on the internet. I’m sure they are somewhere. If not ask a Naturopathic Dr. who is familiar with Wobenzym. It’s almost a wonder supplement that is too good to be true. I will take it for life…and I am 62 without any major health issues or pain. Good luck…and wishing you a healthy life as you continue to take Wobenzym. Remember it is not a drug it is a supplement that has no side affects and will keep you healthy and remove inflammation from your body.
    The Doctor’s Prescription
    Everyday Dr. Wrba takes 15 to 20 Wobenzym®N tablets to help reduce his risk for cancer and to take advantage of their overall healthful properties. He advises anyone interested in reducing their cancer risk or in fighting premature aging to use Wobenzym®N systemic oral enzymes. In cancer treatment, work with your doctor, he advises. Dosages of up to 30 pills three times daily may be necessary.

    • Billy says

      Just because something is a supplement doesn’t mean it doesn’t have side effects. Ingredients in Wobenzyme may react with other drugs. People who should not use wobenzyme include those who are taking blood thinners, anti-seizure meds, or are allergic to papaya or pineapple.

      I use wobenzyme everyday and have been using proteolytic enzyme supplements for about a year now. They definitely do great things, but it isn’t a supplement for everyone.

  22. Natalie says

    Jeanette, Thank you!

  23. Olivine says

    I take Wobenzym (mucos) 1 pill a day, usually on empty stomach and later afternoon I have stomach crums and feel a bit dizzy. Does anybody have this problem?

  24. Stan Joseph says

    I have taken Wobenzym for seven years. I used to have back pain. I no longer do. I have never had any of the side effects that have been mentioned in the comments on this product. My only complaint is that this product keeps going up in price. I suppose in the bigger picture, this product works so let us be happy with that.

  25. Don Jewell says

    Has anyone taken this for herniated discs and did it help you? I have 2 and sciatica. Was told this might help!!

  26. Chris says

    This stuff actually works. I have no idea how are why but it was recommended to me from a friend. After checking with my doctor I decided to give it a try. I have a long history of back pain and soreness. I highly recommend this product to everyone I meet!

  27. Grace says

    Does anyone out there who has an allegy to coconut taken Wobenzyn? I am allergic to eating the coconut meat and hesitate taking wobenzyn as I see that it has coconut oil in it. I have never just tried the oil (afraid to).

  28. Jackie says

    3 weeks ago I took 3 tablets in the morning on an empty stomach and about an hour later while at work I got very nauseated and thought I was going to throw up. I felt so bad I tried to call my husband to come and get because I didn’t thing I could safely drive home. I couldn’t reach him though, and after a little while the nausea subsided. I didn’t take anymore Wobenzym but continued to have slight nausea for 5 to 6 days.

    A couple of days ago I told my chiropractor about the experience (he was the one who had recommended I take Wobenzym) and he suggested I try taking it 1 1/2 to 2 hours after a meal to see if that helped with the nausea.

    So I tried that evening and felt ok when I went to bed. But I woke up at 3;30 a.m. with abdominal pain and nausea. About 6 a.m. was trying to get ready for work and started vomitingand a little later diarrhea started. I was quite sick all day, and won’t be taking anymore of this supplement.

    I looked at Wobenzym’s ‘official site’ and it doesn’t talk about adverse side effects at all. This seems very irresponsible to me. I’m sure it is a great product for most people but for those of us whose systems can’t tolerate it I think they owe it to us to warn about the side effects.

  29. Marilec says

    This has been my miracle! Before, I was in pain (feet, ankles, knee and hips) just walking about 20 feet. My husband would drop me off at the door and I’d hobble or slide my feet to one of the motorized scooters. Now I can walk all over the store. I have extra bone in my ankles and inflammation in my toes and ankles and knees due to that. I also had migraines, several per just a few per month! I was going to chiropractor weekly and now just once per month. My rhematologist whom I see for the arthritis and for my fibromyalgia had never heard of this drug but wanted the empty box to research it himself. He could notice a big difference when I came walking in normally. I haven’t had any stomach issues and I do the 6 per day regiment, drinking it with water. I highly recommend it! My husband let me get a 100 pill bottle to try it and after just a week I could tell a difference. I have been getting the 800 pill bottle every 4 months now and am so grateful to have found this! I researched and found that if one is taking blood thinners, ask a doctor because it has mild blood thinning properties. That was all I could find about side effects. If it lowers my cholesterol too, great!

  30. Mary says

    People, you should NEVER take a medication like this before consulting your healthcare provider. This product has adverse effects when taken with other medications especially blood pressure meds, and anti-coagulants like Coumadin. It will reverse your INR reading so PLEASE always check with your physician before trying meds without seeing how they interface with what you are already using including Vitamins. There are people who have died from taking herbal remedies with Rx meds.

  31. jose. says

    HI; my wife has been kidney transplanted since 2009 . is there a person that knows if she can use WOBENZYM . if yes let me know thank.

  32. Lynne says

    I was having extreme pain from my sciatica nerves causing me to sometimes have to lean forward to even walk at all. Nothing helped until my doctor recommended Wobenzyme. It has freed me from the pain! I can sit and walk like other people now.

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