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Differences between Mucos Pharma Wobenzym N and Garden Of Life Wobenzym N

Basically speaking, the Garden of Life Wobenzym N and the Mucos Pharma Wobenzym N are very similar. This is mainly because both of them are in the Wobenzym N category meaning that they both have the same kind of ingredients. The implication being made here is that, you need to know about Wobenzym N to understand the difference between the Garden of Life brand and the Mucos Pharma brand.

To introduce Wobenzym N, you will need to understand that it is one of the clinical formulas that so many people all round the world are coming to know about and increasingly trust. It is a rather optimum and rare blend of a couple of bio chemical enzymes that are to be found within the human body. What Wobenzym N does is that it will enhance metabolic action for the enzymes that naturally exist within your system. Therefore, it is typically used to provide relief for most of the common health issues that arise from very normal everyday activities.

Wobenzym N was introduced about forty years ago as a pharmaceutical that is plant based in Germany. It is a great blend of numerous anti- oxidants and enzymes that are essential to the maintenance of most human body structures.

It is relatively easy to totally understand how Wobenzym N works and functions. Enzymes can be said to be biochemical catalysts that work to speed up rates at which most of the biochemical reactions that occur within your complex body system. Without these enzymes, your system would be so slow that life would not be sustained well.

The enzymes that are to be found in the Wobenzym N capsules will work to enhance and maintain such natural processes as homeostasis and digestion. Seeing as how these enzymes are so sensitive to the external conditions, they have been protected within coatings that are vegetable derived.

To come to a suitable conclusion, you can be certain that there are a couple of differences between the Mucos Pharma and the Garden of Life brands of Wobenzym N. The main difference is that you will typically pay less for the Mucos Pharma as compared to the Garden of Life Wobenzym N. The former goes for around 19 US dollars while the latter will take out 23 US dollars for your pocket. This price is for 100 tabs of each brand. Both are effective so it is up to you to select the tabs that you prefer.

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  1. vicki says

    thanks for posting this info. i could not find any side by side comparisons.

  2. Tree says

    I’ve used Garden of Life brand with very good results, but would be up for trying the original brand.. might have to do that next order.

  3. Phyllis A Jean says

    I have used the original Wobenzym for over 15 years. I would like to stay with the original,
    but do not know where to order, as Garden of Life has taken over all the business’s where
    I have previously placed orders. Would you please tell me the name, contact numbers & email address, where I can order the original.

    • Chuck says

      I here you can obtain informtion from the folowing regarding finding the “real stuff”…

      Douglas Laboratories | RIDC Location
      112 Technology Drive
      Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15108, U.S.A.

      Also, here is a post from anotehr website… “Genuine Wobenzym N from MUCOS is still available here and there…about $50 more for the genuine article. My current bottle has an expiration of 7/2014. The Garden of Life bottle says NOTHING about being manufactured by MUCOS only that the name is a registered trademark of “Mucos Emulsions” does not indicate who manufactured it. I had an elbow joint that I couldn’t even pick up a bag or try to bowl with (started going lefty). The doctor shrugged, I started taking genuine Wobenzyme. Hmmm. Pain has been gone for years now, absolutely good as new (54 years old). My knees were giving me some trouble…gone with this product. Not a pain in my old body. With the GOL brand I noticed pains creeping back in…some I had forgotten about. Maybe I just need to take more of the new version, not quite sure, but disappointed. BTW the genuine MUCOS formula number is different then the GOL as printed on the bottle. Not sure what is going on here…someones making more money on us I’d bet.
      Atrium Innovations owns Wobenzym, see this page:


  4. Phyllis A Jean says

    I have ordered from Douglas Labs for the last couple of years. I have talked to Garden of
    Life. According to GOL Muscos now uses the new coating that GOL puts on their Wobenzym in Germany. Just last year Douglas Labs price was $120(including shipping) for
    800 clear. As soon as the coating became an issue DL changed their price to $200 & above–advertised as buy the original. The only way to find out is to contact Muscos in
    Germany. I had an email address, but it never went through. I have the original bottle & the new one. Original says manufactured by Mucos Pharma, made in germany, distributed
    by Douglas Labs, Pittsburg. The GOL says registered trademark of Mucos Emulsions,
    distributed by GOL, made in Germany.

  5. Phyllis A Jean says

    I ordered 800 clear from Vitacost. At least 15 tablets were cracked–never happened
    from Mucos. The idea of the coating is, I believe to protect your stomach & release the enzyms in the intestines. I tried to contact Mucos with the email address you provided-no response. I am going to contact Douglas Laboratories, who claims to have the original,
    but it is approximately $80.00 more than it was before all this happened(coating, Garden of Life). Also will call Garden of Life & Vitacost. We all seem to be in the dark here & can
    not get a straight answer.

  6. Lisa K. says

    All Wobenzym N products are authentic as long as MUCOS is the manufacturer. MUCOS Pharma and MUCOS Emulsions out of Berlin are the same company manufacturing the same formula for GOL and Douglas Laboratories. The price did not increase from either companies after the coating was changed. Many websites are selling it at a discounted price. The counterfit Wobenzym N made from Merck is no longer on the market. GOL and Douglas are the only companies with rights to distribute the authentic Wobenzym formula.

  7. Kongma.P says

    I had been used Wobenzym N from both company GOL and Mucos Douglas lab for treatment Lung cancer stages 4. It was the same ingredient but just different company,it worked very well for me .Keep continue which on can cost less and get same benefit.

  8. Phebe says

    Can anyone tell me why the Garden of Life tablets are physically larger than the original Mucos ones. I can’t imagine that a different coating would be the reason. I think they must be manufactured differently. The tablets have the same basic ingredients, are the same diameter, but are a lot thicker than the original.

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